An update for TrialDirector has just been released and is now available at no charge if you have current maintenance!  Two of the features that have been updated and included in version 6.8.2 are:

  • MPEG-4 support has been added to the WaveForm Clip Editor (I know… finally!)
  • Added “Select Last Used Callout” hotkey preference

There are also several fixes that will correct or improve existing functionality:

  • Improved handling of missing linked exhibits
  • Improved accuracy of media duration values
  • Corrected Zoom Region Tool on page navigation
  • Corrected Callouts not loading from Save Stage Object
  • Corrected display of Child Page Revisions
  • Navigating Zoomed documents in Mirror Mode

For more information on these enhancements and other added features and fixes, please see the TrialDirector 6.8.2 Release Notes.

We are excited about getting this update out to our users and look forward to the continuous development and improvement of our products.