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Dorsey & Whitney, LLP is a large international law firm based in Minneapolis, MN. Dorsey & Whitney represented the defendant Optuminsight, Inc. in a patent infringement suit filed by Cave Consulting Group, Inc. Along with organizing, managing, and presenting their evidence, inData was retained to develop and produce demonstrative graphics for trial. The trial was held in the United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division before the Honorable District Judge Edward Davila.Dorsey02
“The inData Trial Consultants bring a wonderful can-do attitude and great professional skill to their work. Because of their extensive trial experience, they are able to manage all of your courtroom technology needs and make life easy for your trial team. We received tremendous technology and graphics support. The work product was consistently excellent, and their dedication to making sure we had what we needed, when we needed it was truly admirable.”

J. Thomas Vitt, Partner – Dorsey, LLP


Because of inData Trial Consultants’ extensive experience they were able to help with many situations that occurred:

  • Demonstrative Creation – Courtroom Hardware – As issues arose with the courts’ audio and video system, inData Trial Consultants were able to fix the hardware and resolve the hardware failure.
  • Courtroom Technology – By utilizing the state-of-the-art trial presentation software, TrialDirector, inData Trial Consultants were able to manipulate thousands of documents and draw attention to key pieces of information used during the trial.
  • War Room Support – Through advance knowledge of various software
    programs, inData Trial Consultants assisted the trial team in all aspects of trial preparation.
  • Without Prior Notice – At various times throughout the trial, inData Trial Consultants were called on to present evidence that was
    not scripted. Through the consultants preparedness and thorough knowledge of the evidence of the case, the evidence was presented without delay.
  • Witness Preparation – inData Trial Consultants worked hand-in-hand with expert witnesses to ensure each expert witnesses had everything at their disposal to present the most compelling and clear evidence possible. Furthermore, inData Trial Consultants worked with the witnesses to help them better understand the technology being used, and help them feel comfortable using technology in the courtroom.Dorsey05

“It was a real professional pleasure to work with the inData Consultants and we look
forward to working with them again on our next trial.”

J. Thomas Vitt, Partner – Dorsey, LLP


The parties are appealing the courts decision.

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