TrialDirector – Tip #12

While working in TrialDirector’s Image Tab, you may need to remove an annotation such as a Trial Exhibit Label. First, open the Image Annotation Tools (the icon looks like a cup with pens and pencils). On the far left of the tools lineup, you should see the Annotation Selector shown as a gray arrow. Click the arrow, and a box appears around the selector to signify it is activated. Then, to remove something like an incorrectly applied Trial Exhibit Label, click the label on the document and a bounding box appears around it. Press the delete key on your keyboard and the label disappears. Be sure to save the image after deleting the label using the “Save Markups” icon (it looks like a floppy disk). If you have applied multiple labels in the same area, you may have to repeat this process multiple times to remove all labels.


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