Wireless Barcode Scanner

One of the original features of TrialDirector was the ability to display exhibits (documents, photos, video, animation, deposition transcript text and video etc.) using a barcode and barcode scanner.  Thousands of Avery 5267 labelsbarcode_128 have been printed with the exhibit ID as either a Code 39 or Code 128 barcode.

Barcode_3of9If you were organized, it made the presentation entertaining for the hot seat operator.  If the attorney wanted to control the presentation, give them the barcode scanner and let them barcode_scanner-cordpresent at their own pace.  One original drawback of barcode scanners was the need to be connected to the computer via a cord. If you had a really long extension, no problem.  Wireless scanners came on the market and solved that problem, but still needed a base station to communicate with the computer.

I stopped using barcodes a long time ago as part of slimming down the amount of equipment that needed to be hauled around from trial to trial.  Between all of the cables, cords, switchers and backups of every other piece of equipment, sometimes choices had to be made.

ms910_barcode_scannerUntil – someone showed me the Unitech MS910 Wireless Barcode Scanner.  It is about the size of a pack of gum, accurate and easy to use and best of all, the battery lasts for up to 5000 scans between charges.  To charge the battery you use a standard USB port.  The scanner connects to the computer via Bluetooth and has about a 30ft. signal range.  The only drawback (which is minor) is the price.

The MS910 retails for approximately $150.00 but with a little time on the internet, you can find a better price.

This gadget is definitely one to add to your trial kit!


  1. As someone who provides instruction on TrialDirector, I often demonstrate this Unitech Bluetooth Scanner to my students. It has never failed to amaze each and every person I share it with. As this article indicates, barcode scanners have always allowed you to quickly retrieve a document on TrialDirector’s Presentation screen from a hard copy in a binder or being held in your hand. Traditional barcode scanners however, are oversized, noisy, and still require the user to retrieve them from table or podium. As I have explained to my students, a traditional wireless scanner sounded like the perfect remedy to this but you would be hard pressed to find an attorney willing to wear a “John Wayne style” holster on their side. These smaller, bluetooth scanners are discrete, quiet, and give you the freedom to move about the room. Quickly jump to any document or page within that document without having to verbally request it. You will still need someone to man the controls and apply markups where they are needed. Finally, never forget that when you decide to take on something like this you are introducing additional technology to your presentation. This is not to be feared, rather better understood and practiced beforehand. This is powerful technology, however, if you lose the wireless signal for some reason, it’s important to have a backup strategy in place. TrialDirector of course, always has more than one way to easily retrieve a document. If you really want to know more and really become proficient in this program please consider taking one of my classes. The average student is always amazed to discover that the could be doing things better and more proficiently. training@indatacorp.com; 800-828-8292.


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