Tip For Making Closing Exhibits Easy to Find and Use – Daniel Gans

Our very first “From the Hot Seat” post comes to us from Daniel Gans, the Director of Trial Support at TransPerfect Legal Solutions.  Dan has been a long time TrialDirector user and has trial experience working in-house at law firms and on the vendor side.

I have used this process for closings in the past few trials and it has worked great! It takes a little more time since you have to do an export and import but the outcome is worth the time spent.

– Daniel Gans, Director, Trial Support – TransPerfect Legal Soulutions

Often times during a closing, the rhythm of the presentation can be interrupted by the other side asking where something came from. I have found that by creating exhibits for presentation and making a few changes to the default description makes for a clean and streamlined presentation.

As an example, I will show an excerpt from the TrialDirector sample case.

Creating an exhibit from transcript text as usual, just change the default description name to reflect if it is the direct or cross and the witness:

Exhibit Description
Change Default Exhibit Description

Change to:

Exhibit Description change
Change Exhibit Description to Direct or Cross

Next, I create a temporary folder for the closing and move all of the exhibits we intend to use into the folder. Note, this document is not yet endorsed.

Temporary Folder
Create Temporary Folder

When I have all of the documents in the folder, I give each exhibit a working number and create PDF files from the documents in the folder using the “Send Workbook Contents To” tool and endorse with the description:

Create PDF
Create PDF from Folder Contents

Now I have a set I can give to the legal team to review for their presentation and decide if they are going to use the excerpts knowing exactly how they will appear.

For a working set I usually produce a folder of PDF files to the legal team with the working exhibit numbers on them. This workflow provides the team a working set to use and call out what exhibit they want to see. It is also very helpful if the legal team decides to skip around.

Once exported with the endorsements, you will have a PDF you can pull back into TrialDirector that looks like this:

description endorsement
Final product with description endorsement

Place the finished PDF files in a new folder and you have a set of documents for closing that has the text you want to present along with who said it, Direct or Cross and the page and line number.

I hope others can find this helpful for their trial needs.