Secure Portable USB Devices

When working on a case that involves sensitive or confidential data, the capability and requirement of securing that data is critical.

Apricorn products have been around for a while and provide numerous product solutions that secure, portable and very reasonably priced.

For security, all of the Apricorn products include 256-bit Military Grade AES-XTS Hardware Encryption and many of the products are also FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated*.  In short, they are serious about securing data.ask3_straighton

The Aegis Secure Key Flash Drive comes in USB 3 and USB 2 options and capacities ranging from 30GB – 240GB.

The Aegis Padlock Drive is available with USB 3, USB 2 and eSATA interfaces and 500GB – 2TB in size.

padlockssd_fips_1The Padlock Drive also has a solid state drive (SSD) option for faster access.  While it is more expensive, the SSD speed differences (no ramp up time, no fragmentation, better durability, no noise etc.) are well worth it.

If you have a need to secure the data you are working with, the Apricorn products are the way to go.

* – For more information on security – click on the following links:


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