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Kanner & Whiteley, LLC is a small national law firKanner1m based in New Orleans, LA. Kanner & Whiteley, LLC has represented the State of New Jersey in a significant Natural Resource Damage matter against ExxonMobil that has been litigated for over ten years. For the penalty portion of this matter, Kanner & Whiteley, LLC selected inData’s Trial Services Team to help them collect, manage, and present their evidence.

“inData was an instrumental part of our Trial Team in the preparation, set-up and execution of a challenging and successful eight month long trial in Burlington County, New Jersey. In addition, the inData staff came to us with an understanding of the legal process and anticipated challenges as well as assisted in finding solutions on trial presentation / coordination issues. The trial involved voluminous, complex materials and required great detail to prepare for trial.” – Kanner & Whiteley


Because of inData Trial Consultant’s broad range of skills, they were given a number of tasks:

  • Demonstrative Creation – inData consultants and graphic artists created illuminating demonstratives to support evidence and testimony presented by numerous expert witnesses.Kanner2
  • Document Presentation – By utilizing the state-of-the-art evidence presentation software, TrialDirector, inData consultants were able to present thousands of documents and draw attention to key pieces of information used during the trial.
  • Deposition Video Presentation – Throughout the course of trial, inData consultants supported evidence by playing deposition video clips of expert witnesses and in many instances impeached testimony of ExxonMobil witnesses.
  • War Room Support – Through advance knowledge of various software programs, inData consultants assisted the trial team in all aspects of trial preparation.
  • Prepared for Anything – At various times throughout the trial, inData consultants were called on to present evidence that was not anticipated. Through the consultant’s preparedness and intimate knowledge of case details, they presented this evidence without delay.
  • Expert Witness Preparation – inData consultants worked hand-in-hand with expert witnesses to ensure each expert witnesses had everything at their disposal to present the most compelling and clear evidence possible.kanner5

“The inData Trial Consultants went out of their way to help the support staff and attorneys. They maintained a professional attitude when dealing with the trial team, hotel staff, courthouse staff and anyone they came in contact with during the trial. While providing essential and professional assistance they also maintained a sense of humor which can be difficult under such demanding circumstances. Their support both out of and inside the courtroom was critical to our effort.” – Kanner & Whiteley


The case was settled in favor of our client for $225 million.

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